Covid Guidelines

Please Note that these guidelines remain in place regardless of vaccination status.

As a Health Care Provider I meet with multiple babies each week, none of whom are vaccinated against Covid, and some of whom are immune compromised. Therefore I need to take extra precautions beyond those of the general population. During In Person Lactation Visits I will remain masked despite being vaccinated, and I require that parents I meet with do so as well, regardless of their vaccination status, just as they would in other health care settings.

Thank You for Your Understanding!

All families requesting In Person Home Visits must read, understand, and agree that they are comfortable with and committed to following these Covid Guidelines below. Thank you!

  • No additional adults beyond Mom / Nursing Parent and EITHER Partner OR 1 other Supporting Adult can be present in the room where consult takes place.

  • All adults present will be wearing well fitting masks that are either paper surgical style masks or well fitting cloth masks, not bandanas, gators or other less effective types of coverings.

  • No respiratory symptoms can be present for anyone in the household, or recent exposure of anyone in the household to anyone with respiratory symptoms or known or suspected Covid positives. If symptoms develop close to the time of consult, or a recent exposure becomes known, parent will contact the Lactation Consultant before the visit so that we can either switch to telehealth or reschedule for a future time.

***All of the Above still apply Regardless of Vaccination Status, per CDC Guidelines for Health Care Settings!***