Covid / Infection Guidelines

Please Note that, as of June 1, 2023 masking is currently optional for parents / family members, however if anyone in your family has respitory symptoms of ANY kind, I do require that they be masked, and that I be informed in advance so that we can discuss if rescheduling or switching to telehealth might be appropriate. 

As a Health Care Provider I meet with multiple babies each week, none of whom are vaccinated against Covid, and some of whom are immune compromised. Therefore I need to take extra precautions beyond those of the general population. During In Person Lactation Visits I will remain masked despite being vaccinated, regardless of season. During cold and flu season, or when community levels of Covid and/or RSV are high, I may require that parents / supporting adults I meet with mask as well, regardless of their vaccination status. When this is the case I will inform you in advance of the visit, as well as updating this page.

Thank You for Your Understanding!

**As of 6/1/23 These policies are currently suspended, and masking is optional for parents / supporting adults, however be advised that they may be reinstituted during cold / flu / RSV season or whenever community spread of Covid or other infectious diseases is high.**

During cold / flu/ RSV season, or whenever community spread is high, all families requesting In Person Home Visits must read, understand, and agree that they are comfortable with and committed to following these Safety Guidelines below. Thank you!

***All of the Above still apply Regardless of Vaccination Status, per CDC Guidelines for Health Care Settings!***