Financial Assistance Fund

Financial Assistance Fund - Introduction!

I consider skilled lactation care to be a basic human right. Center for Disease Control (CDC) statistics show that most parents want to breastfeed, but stop early due to lack of ongoing support. Every family should have the care they need to meet their own breastfeeding goals. Breastfeeding impacts so many aspects of family wellness – from reducing health concerns like diabetes and asthma and lifelong maternal cancer risks to improving mother / parent-child bonding. Breastfeeding makes a powerful contribution to the well-being of our community’s families.

Unfortunately, the Columbia and Greene County WIC program does not currently provide IBCLC care, and Medicaid does not currently cover home based IBCLC lactation care. Since families participating in WIC or covered by Medicaid are usually those least able to afford out of pocket health care expenses, we’ve created the Financial Assistance Fund to help bridge the gap.

We welcome and encourage Donations to the Financial Assistance Fund so that IBCLC breastfeeding care can be made accessible to families in our community participating in WIC and Medicaid! Please join our amazing community of donors with your donation in any amount, small or large, on a one time or recurring basis.

WIC & Medicaid Participants*

Families with current WIC ID’s or NY State Electronic Benefit / Medicaid cards will be asked to self-designate the fee they can afford, underwritten by the Financial Assistance Fund.

Home Visit Fee for WIC / Medicaid participants Suggested^^: $75*, with the difference to standard fees underwritten by the Financial Assistance Fund.*

Live Video Telehealth Fee for WIC / Medicaid participants Suggested^^: $25*, with the difference to standard fees underwritten by the Financial Assistance Fund.*

SNAP Participants*

Families receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits will be Suggested^^ a further reduced fee of $15* for Home Visits, and $3 for Live Video Telehealth, with the difference to standard fees underwritten by the Financial Assistance Fund.*

^^These are Suggested Fees-- Families who participate in these programs will be asked to self designate a fee in any amount they feel that they can afford. No One Will Be Turned Away Due to Lack of Funds!

*While Fund balance is available. Please donate to the Fund to keep these services accessible to families in our community!

Community Resources for All

  • La Leche League - For basic breastfeeding information, encouragement, and support, families are encouraged to contact their local La Leche League Group. For those in Columbia or Greene County, contact La Leche League of Chatham / Spencertown serving Columbia & Greene County. La Leche League offers FREE mother to mother and parent to parent support meetings, and accurate, evidence based breastfeeding information and ongoing phone support from accredited Volunteer Leaders. La Leche League breastfeeding support is always FREE to all families, regardless of income level.

  • Women's Health at Columbia Memorial Hospital hosts a weekly FREE drop in breastfeeding support clinic with CMH Midwives at the Women's Health Hudson office, 71 Prospect Ave, (as of Nov 2019 on Tuesdays at 4:30PM but check before going!). Call Women's Health Center (518) 828-1400 to confirm current time and location.

  • WIC - Families who qualify for WIC can also contact a WIC Peer Counselor for basic breastfeeding support, through their local WIC office, which is also always FREE of charge.

  • Berkshire Nursing Families - Berkshire County, MA residents of any income level can access FREE services from the nonprofit Berkshire Nursing Families which provides IBCLC Lactation care, phone support, and playgroups in Berkshire County, MA.