Prenatal Visit

Prenatal Visits

via Live Video or In Person

NOTE: *To Protect Your Health Due to the Public Health Situation Most Visits will be Conducted via Live Video Telehealth unless you have a strong preference otherwise*

Prenatal Visits are typically 1 ½ - 2hrs long

We will discuss your

  • breastfeeding / lactation goals

  • health history

  • any anatomical issues, and how they may impact your lactation experience

You will learn about

  • how to prepare for breastfeeding / lactation

  • how your birth can effect lactation

  • how to create a lactation friendly birth plan AND how to keep moving towards your lactation goals even if birth doesn't go according to plan

  • how to tell if your baby is getting enough

  • how to establish a healthy milk supply

  • how dads / partners / other support people can be key players in setting and helping you reach your goals

  • how to avoid common obstacles

  • what resources are available in the community

  • when to reach out for additional help.

Expecting Dads / Partners / or any other family or support people you choose or wish to include are welcomed and encouraged to participate in our visit to learn about how to be a key part of your breastfeeding / lactation journey.

The third trimester of your pregnancy is a good time to schedule your Prenatal Home Visit. Weekend appointments are often available to fit your schedule. Please complete the Prenatal Intake Form and Standard Consent Form at least 48 hrs before our visit, so I can review your health history and any other relevant details in advance.

You may also wish to consider making your prenatal visit part of a Full Spectrum Support Package.

Payment is due at the time of visit. Payment is due at the time of visit. (Except covered Insurance participants see Insurance Coverage for details.) For telehealth visits payment can be made electronically via Square secure payment processor invoice emailed to you.

Prenatal Telehealth Session Fee $125

Prenatal Visit In Person Fee $250*

*Note: Additional Travel Fee required beyond 30 minutes driving distance, based on Google Map distance from 17 Kindherook St, Chatham, NY. Travel Fees are not covered by most insurance plans.

30 -44 minutes drive - $30 Travel Fee

45-60 minutes drive - $60 Travel Fee

Forms of payment accepted: Cash, Personal Check, Visa, Mastercard, HSA / FSA Card

NOTE: Most AETNA Participants can have up to 6 home visits, including a Prenatal Home Visit, with NO out of pocket cost. Many ANTHEM PPO, BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD PPO, CIGNA PPO, and some UNITED PPO participants can have 6 or more visits fully covered. Most CDPHP participants with employer sponsored plans can receive easy reimbursement for their visits. See Insurance Coverage for details.

Most private insurance companies are required under the Affordable Care Act to reimburse for out of network, comprehensive lactation care, including a prenatal visit. For more information on Insurance Reimbursement See Insurance Coverage.

Medicaid, WIC and SNAP Program participants are eligible for significantly reduced fees through the Financial Assistance Fund

Schedule a Visit

Text or Telephone (518) 672-1519,


Weekend appointments are often available.

When making contact to Schedule a Visit, please indicate your:

    1. Location

    2. Telehealth or a Home Visit Preference

    3. Insurance Provider

    4. Urgency for being seen

I make telehealth visits to anywhere with a good internet connection, and In Person visits within approximately 40 minutes drive of Chatham, NY, which includes all of Columbia County, and sections of Greene County, Renssalaer County, Albany County, and Dutchess County, NY, and Berkshire County, MA