Insurance Coverage


I am a participating provider with the Aetna network. If your health insurance is through Aetna, your visits will usually be covered in full, with no out of pocket costs. I can file the claim directly, and no payment is required on your part. Of course you should call Aetna to discuss the specifics of your plan and ensure that this is the case for your specific plan. Please note that a few Aetna plans require referral from a physician. It is your responsibility to obtain such a referral if needed for insurance purposes.


If you are a participant with one of these plans, you can find out quickly and easily if you can be preapproved for 3 visits covered in full via the Lactation Network. Pre-Approval MUST be requested and obtained through the Lactation Network in advance of our visit, fortunately this is very simple! Please go to Lactation Network, and fill in your contact and insurance information. You will receive an email letting you know if you are approved for full coverage, often within a few hours. If you are approved, then your visits will be directly billed through Lactation Network to your insurance provider, and you will not be responsible for any out of pocket costs. I am a contracted provider for Lactation Network, and will receive my standard fee from them directly. If your coverage is not approved by Lactation Network, see information below for other Private Insurance Coverage

Most private insurance companies are required by the Affordable Care Act to cover Out of Network lactation care without copay or deductible. However, the way this plays out in reality is complicated and depends a great deal on your individual policy, as well as how much time you put into talking with your insurance company.

I cannot guarantee that you will receive reimbursement and I cannot submit claims to insurance for you. You will need to do this yourself, after our visit(s). I will provide you with a Lactation Superbill with all the necessary codes that you can use to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. You may also choose to use the Better app which makes it very easy to upload and submit your bill to your insurance company, and provides assistance in any appeals that may be necessary. They do take a small percentage of any reimbursement in payment for their service. See their website for details at

If your time allows, I encourage you to call your insurance company before our visit, request pre-approval, and emphasize 1. that this is an urgent situation requiring an expedited decision (your baby needs to eat!), and 2. that there are no "In-Network" IBCLCs providing home visit lactation care in our area, so you will need to see an "Out-of-Network" provider, and would like preapproval for a "gap exception" allowing you to do this. This can ease the process.

Even if you are not able to call in advance of your visit, I encourage you to submit your Lactation Superbill to your insurance company after your visit, and should reimbursement be initially denied, or only partial reimbursement given (a favorite tactic of some insurance companies), I encourage you to appeal that decision. You are legally entitled to FULL reimbursement! Some insurance companies, unfortunately, seem to routinely deny the first request, or offer only a tiny reimbursement, betting that tired new parents will just get discouraged and let it drop, but they will often (though not always) reimburse fully if you are persistent.

The National Women's Law Center has some great information that you can refer to regarding your rights to insurance coverage for lactation care, and how to appeal any denials of claims: Toolkit Facts and Tools to Understand Your Coverage. You can also find helpful information, advice, and Sample Appeal Letters here, from an insurance savvy Lactation colleague in MA. And I am happy to provide a sample appeal letter that a local family used to successfully argue for reimbursement. No guarantees of course.

***WIC / Medicaid Participants and SNAP Participants may pay a reduced fee. See Financial Assistance page.***

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