Lactation Visit

Lactation Visit

via Live Video or In Person

NOTE on Safety: While local infection rates remain low, I am not currently requiring parents to mask at in person visits, but may do so again when rates of Covid, RSV, Flu or other relevant diseases increase again. For more details see Covid Guidelines 

Live Video Telehealth is still available, and is a safe and effective option for most situations, and can also be used for follow up visits after In Person visits.

Initial Lactation Visits are typically 1 1/2 - 2  1/2 hours long. 

We will discuss your reasons for the visit, assess your baby's mouth,  and your breasts, as needed, (if via telehealth I can guide you through these assessments remotely very successfully!), and help you to figure out how to latch most effectively. I will observe you breastfeeding and help you to make adjustments. If indicated I can weigh your baby before and after feeding to determine how much milk he or she is getting (In Person visits only). 

We will address your concerns and questions, and evaluate any challenges you are facing. We will discuss strategies to best help you meet YOUR breastfeeding goals, whatever they are. We will write out a customized care plan together before I leave (will be emailed to you after telehealth visits)  so that you have a clear plan and next steps.

After our visit, if indicated, I will send a report to your baby's primary healthcare provider, and/or yours as relevant, so that your family's care is coordinated within your healthcare team.

We will stay in touch over the next few days to evaluate how things are progressing and discuss any changes needed in the care plan. Follow-up visits can be scheduled as needed.

Please contact me to schedule a visit, and don't forget to fill out the online intake form so that I can get background information in order to focus on you and your baby during the actual visit. I have a wide range of scheduling possibilities, including week days and weekends.


Payment is due at the time of visit. (Except covered Insurance participants see Insurance Coverage for details.) For telehealth visits payment can be made electronically via Square secure payment processor invoice emailed to you.

Lactation Visit In Person Home Visit 

Within 30 min  driving distance                              $250

Note: Additional Travel Fee required beyond 30 minutes driving distance, based on Google Map distance from Castleton, NY. Travel Fees are not covered by most insurance plans, and may or may not be covered by HSA / FSA providers (check with yours).

30 -44 minutes drive - $30 Travel Fee

45-60 minutes drive - $60 Travel Fee

Lactation Live Video  Telehealth Session Initial Visit Fee     $160

Lactation Live Video  Telehealth Session Follow Up Visit Fee $125

Forms of payment accepted: Cash, Personal Check, Visa, Mastercard, HSA / FSA Card, Venmo, Paypal

NOTE: Most AETNA Participants can have up to 6 home visits, including a Prenatal Home Visit, with NO out of pocket cost. Many ANTHEM PPO, BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD PPO, CIGNA PPO, and some UNITED PPO participants can have 6 or more visits fully covered. See Insurance Coverage for details.

Most private insurance companies are required under the Affordable Care Act to reimburse for out of network,  comprehensive lactation care. For more information on Insurance Reimbursement See Insurance Coverage.

Medicaid, WIC and SNAP Program participants are eligible for significantly reduced fees through the Financial Assistance Fund

A Note on Telehealth and Home Visits

Almost all lactation issues CAN be successfully addressed by live video telehealth with appropriately skilled providers. The current public health situation has motivated many lactation providers to enhance our skills in this area, and I have seen great results in my practice achieved solely through live video telehealth visits. Please contact us to discuss any questions you may have about telehealth in your specific situation.

Schedule a Visit

Text or Telephone (518) 672-1519, 


Weekend appointments are often available if needed. I can usually fit in new appointments within 48 hours if needed. 

When making contact to schedule a visit, please indicate your:

I make telehealth visits to anywhere with a good internet connection, and In Person visits within approximately 40 minutes drive of Castleton, NY, which includes all of Columbia and Rensselaer County, and sections of Greene County, Albany County, and Berkshire County, MA