I will observe you and your baby in the comfort of your home, assess and address your lactation concerns, and work with you to create a clear, customized plan to help you meet your goals moving forward.

I will give you the tools to avoid obstacles and prepare for the best possible breastfeeding /lactation experience with personalized education relevant to your own specific health history.

Prenatal or Lactation Visits are conducted via live video on a secure, HIPAA compliant platform.

3 Visits to Support Your Journey from Preparation to Getting Started to Returning to Work or Beginning Complementary Foods.


Payment is due at the time of visit. (EXCEPT AETNA participants.*)

Lactation Home Visits $225

(Additional Travel Fee may apply beyond 45 min drive from Chatham, NY)

Telehealth Live Video Consultation Lactation Consult Initial $125

Follow Up $ 95

Full Spectrum Support Package $525 Home / $250 Telehealth

                • Prenatal Home Visit to give you the tools to avoid obstacles and prepare for the best possible breastfeeding /lactation experience with personalized breastfeeding / lactation education relevant to your own specific health history.

                • Post Partum Home Visit when you are settled and ready after birth for a feeding "check-up" to assess how things are going, help with any necessary adjustments, address any problems that have arisen, and answer all of your new parent questions

                • Back to Work / School Planning & / or Starting Solid Foods Planning Home Visit (Can be used instead as a problem focused follow up visit if issues should arise.)

Forms of payment accepted: Cash, Personal Check, Visa, Mastercard, HSA / FSA Card

A Note on Telehealth and Home Visits

Almost all lactation issues CAN be successfully addressed by live video telehealth with appropriately skilled providers. The current public health situation has motivated many lactation providers to enhance our skills in this area, and I have seen great results in my practice achieved solely through telehealth visits. During the Covid pandemic, in most cases we begin with telehealth appointments to ensure everyone's safety, but may in some instances consider at home visits subsequently if they seem necessary. Please contact us to discuss any questions you may have about telehealth in your specific situation.

***WIC / Medicaid Participants and SNAP Participants may pay a reduced fee. See Financial Assistance page.***



I am now a participating provider with the Aetna network. If your health insurance is through Aetna, your visits will usually be covered in full, with no out of pocket costs! I can file the claim directly, and no payment is required on your part. Of course you should call Aetna to discuss the specifics of your plan and ensure that this is the case for your specific plan. Please note that some Aetna plans require referral from a physician. It is your responsibility to obtain such a referral if needed for insurance purposes.

Private Insurance Coverage (except for Aetna)

Most private insurance companies are required by the Affordable Care Act to cover lactation care without copay or deductible. However, the way this plays out in reality is complicated and depends a great deal on your individual policy, as well as how much time you put into talking with your insurance company.

I cannot guarantee that you will receive reimbursement and I cannot submit claims to insurance for you. You will need to do this yourself, after our visit(s). I will provide you with a Lactation Superbill with all the necessary codes that you can use to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. You may also choose to use the Better app which makes it very easy to upload and submit your bill to your insurance company, and provides assistance in any appeals that may be necessary. They do take a small percentage of any reimbursement in payment for their service. See their website for details at

If your time allows, I encourage you to call your insurance company before our visit, request pre-approval, and emphasize 1. that this is an urgent situation requiring an expedited decision (your baby needs to eat!), and 2. that there are no "in-network" IBCLCs providing home visit lactation care in our area, so you will need to see an "out-of-network" provider. This can ease the process.

Even if you are not able to call in advance of your visit, I encourage you to submit your Lactation Superbill to your insurance company after your visit, and should reimbursement be initially denied, to appeal that decision.

The National Women's Law Center has some great information that you can refer to regarding your rights to insurance coverage for lactation care, and how to appeal any denials of claims: Toolkit Facts and Tools to Understand Your Coverage

Schedule a Visit

Text or Telephone (518) 672-1519,


I can usually fit in new appointments within 24 - 48 hours. Weekend appointments are often available.

I make telehealth visits to anywhere with a good internet connection, and In Person visits within approximately 40 minutes drive of Chatham, NY, which includes all of Columbia County, and sections of Greene County, Renssalaer County, Albany County, and Dutchess County, NY, and Berkshire County, MA